In House

For many satisfied clients we have developed customized training’s and workshop. We always design these training’s as a blend: we mix our experience with sustainability change agent together with the specific needs of our clients.

In-house courses are typically delivered in 1 day, and 2 day formats depending upon the number of engineers/ managers involved in the training and the depth of information desired by participants. The sessions incorporate a mixture of classroom style instruction and hands on practical application using your strategic content—all guided by our expert Consultants

The benefits of In – House Training

  • Cost Efficient – saving you money by training a number of staff at the same time.
  • No costly travel or accommodation
  • No waste – Pay only for the level of content you need
  • Make the Training ‘Real’ by relating to your own company situation.

 We offer simple approaches

  • Off the shelf : If one of our standard ‘open’ courses is what you are looking for then just give us a call and simply tell us which one you would like, when, where and for how many! We will ask a few simple questions just to make sure that the training will meet your objectives.
  • Tailored : If one of our courses looks interesting, why not take the opportunity to have it tailored to suit your specific requirements – taking account of internal systems, procedures and policies. We will discuss the learning outcomes you want to achieve, and then tailor the course to meet them, using your own examples in the exercises.